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Do you need to use a free essay checker?

The best grades are usually reserved for the best essays so how do you ensure that your essay is the best? Many students will give their essays a quick read through before submission but this is often not enough to find all of the problems with our writing, and no one can write without making mistakes. Checking our own work though is almost impossible and few people can manage to identify errors and improvements that they could make to their own writing. This is why a free online essay checker can be a real help.

How can you check your essay?

There are several ways that we can edit our essays to improve them, the following lists the different ways that you could check your work and their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Check our own essays: Completely free of charge but most of us are not able to easily spot errors in our own writing. Nor is it easy for us to recognize where we could improve our own writing.
  • Peer review: We could ask a friend or a member of our family to review our work but this can be asking a lot if it is a lengthy essay that requires checking. Results are also very variable as not everyone is very good at knowing how to improve writing.
  • Using software: The software that comes with our word processing package is often good enough to catch most spelling mistakes and some grammatical errors. However they will often miss when an incorrect word is used and will even suggest incorrect changes to your grammar. Some essay plagiarism checker can be more advanced but  it is still not perfect as it just cannot read. Software however is a cheap and very efficient place to start for any free essay checker online.
  • Using a qualified editor or proofreader: A qualified editor that can work through your essay in a methodical manner will often find more improvements than any software. However they do charge, although some online services are quite affordable for those important essays that need to win the better grades.
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How can we provide a free essay checker?

By pasting your text into the box on our site you can have your essay checked and know if you have any issues with everything from the words you have used through to simple spelling or grammatical errors. This check is very thorough although being software it may miss an occasional issue or suggest an inappropriate change. However it is free and very quick to use.

We can check your essay

If you have used our free essay checker but want to make sure that your essay is completely free of errors and is written perfectly then our editors are here to help. We offer editing and proofreading at highly affordable rates through some of the very best qualified and experienced editors that you will find online. So if you want to get the very best grades for your essays either use our free essay checker or contact our essay corrector for affordable guaranteed help that you can trust.

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